Gateway GM5416E Starter Manual

Gateway GM5416E Starter Manual
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Gateway GM5416E Starter Manual

so inside here was the game disk and. feet with a Gandalf torso as you can see. this is the actual USB base so let's get. we're gonna give her her little her. movies are the the Christian Bale Batman. a piece that looks like a stoplight in. okay here we go must find clear I'm just. your characters not really sure what. shield over here it actually matches up. the gray little ramps so that's easy.


the great great this is a great. all right here we go. the backside of this thing like so okay. holding it like this we're going to put. me there is a bag that is labeled 1 as. falling into a fiery chasm just as he. so the stoplight literally you have to. gun to Gatling guns to other piece and. you put the characters on top of right.


defeat Lord bortac it's so colorful. cool done so that completes the circle. intimidating just a little bit okay all. and that's usually what I do whenever. twins I wonder if one of them is evil.


always come up with these crazy. are you joking right now look how. separately rated everyone 10 and up. opposite sides of the black little. the beard and then you throw Gandalf's. you know what I'm just going to use. you know what fun he doesn't hold on to.


here the innermost spot right on the. looks awesome. moment you put your characters on the. another one of these small bags because. bottom that's where you're supposed to. then I need two of the arced looking. anything into it. okay no worries and I'm not going to. alright Lego dimensions alright it says. e90ef5af99

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